Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aries Season ... over-come the odds

Much of my time and energy is spread between getting up and working the stories. The heavens are shifting into Aries season  squared up with Pluto in Capricorn. Elsa P. explains the warrior intense condition on her blog ElsaElsa, and ends with this quote and young Johnny Cash singing "A Girl Named Sue":

"...This combination gives you “gravel in your guts, and spit in your eye”. These are not bad things to have, on the chance they be needed! “Cruelty” is not a simple concept. This energy exists in life!
Johnny Cash’s, “Boy Named Sue” is a Mars (fight) Saturn (father) story..."
 I left a comment over on Elsa's blog to spit a little of that gravel from my gut and appreciate my astrologer's insight into what it takes to keep on keep'n on. I have a condition that challenges me to find new definitions and solutions to life/health/well-being. The condition is better on some days and good for weeks at a time; but, the dips are deep and difficult and the solutions most seek don't work for me. So ... that's a brief explanation for why there's little here on Makua O'o. Not much energy to spread around.

What is taking place is the polishing of rough stones (stories) and the joy of riding the rhythm of character and culture as I polish things. I'm nearer with the finish of The Safety Pin Cafe and think I might be able to birth it into a tiny book. My novel-in-the-works Splinters is fun to revisit. Lots of tweaking and turning up the soil in a story that stretches my experience as writer. There's a new character in the story thanks to a recent viewing of this man's TED Talk. Phoebe is a 'gangster gardener' from O'ahu's west-side. A woman with magic and knowing able to grow papayas with their own (untampered) genes ... a'ole GMO.

Elsa's post and young Johnny Cash singing "Sue" sent me searching for the original Man in Black at the end of his trail. Here's what I found ... Johnny Cash sings the Queen's "Aloha 'oe." Wait for it.

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