Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here ... hear, Sea ... see: different ways to keep story alive

Yesterday I joined a small circle of people from my community to sing to the whales. There were singing bowls -- brass and glass and tones from people real high and some low. We made sounds up and shared songs already made up. The tide was low and the mudflats long. I shared the chant of my home place Aunty Edith's E HO MAI. Passed out the words written on white paper and said the words made to remember ask permission...

My heart is beating over-time and wakes me late at night with its deep beating. Medication, meditation...supplementation...tell the story ... piece a life together, witness ... tell the story. One way, two ways, make a story that pieces surviving survival together.

Today I am here ... hearing the sounds ... not sure the story is being pieced together just right. But, it makes no nevermind, does it ... it mostly matters that the story is told, again, again, again piecing one to the other...beat, beat, beat.

Thanks to Terri Windling for the link to Tracy Chapman's "Telling Stories" and her blog that inspires me again and again to show up ... tell the story.

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