Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mars moves into Action-Aries

The Pisces Parking Lot starts to empty one planet and heavenly body at a time, beginning today with Mars moving into Aries. My favorite astrologer says expect VROOM ... from malaise into action. I'm feeling this shift and like it. My writing projects have been swimming in deep waters for weeks, editing, rewriting, listening for the heart of the story and not giving up on the baby whose still coming down the birth canal. I printed out my latest rewrite of The Safety Pin Cafe and did a read through. It sits beside me now. This morning I opened an email from my friend who had something to share ... a video about girls forbidden from reading. After watching the video below, I picked up my latest draft of The Safety Pin Cafe. In it is this paragraph: Pale (pronounced pah-lay), the main character in the story has woken up on a bed of stones in a magical place not far from her everyday world of cottage and neighborhood streets. She is talking to Raven and thinking about the gifts she's been given. BEFORE YOU READ THIS, take a moment to breathe the sense of yourself now ... Okay.

"Not just any cloak, is it?" I joked. He refrained from answering but gave me a look. My way has long been an unusual one. Filled naturally with imagination I rode the wings of dragons and sought other places rather than fight head-on. I sought stories as a way through, learned to read early on making up endings and beginnings as a girl. I had decades of practice. It was true what our Ancestors believed:  time is permeable and more a net than a wall. Here it seems, my stories were writing me with bits of here and there braiding together. Pinning where necessary the safety pins of my childhood were enough to make something more from less ..."

These are mythic times when borders are crossed and everyone counts. Age is no barrier, imagination matters and it counts that passion fuels action ... over time. Writing is my art, but more and more I believe it's my life that is the creative expression. So here's a chance to make everyone count. This is the email I received from my friend Hope.

"Dear Everyone

Please watch this fabulous video and pass it on to others. Every time it's watched, the girls' schools get some cash.

http://portal.sliderocket.com/BBVXH/Hoshyar-Foundation <http://portal.sliderocket.com/BBVXH/Hoshyar-Foundation


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