Monday, March 11, 2013

More Manu, Manapua Man, Mana for a New Moon, March 11, 2013

The powerful and watery energy of all those heavenly bodies in the sign of Pisces has really tripped up my earthy mountain goat genes (I have plenty of Capricorn). Trying, trying, trying too hard to climb mountains and hammer out goals with all that water is at best difficult, at worst, deadly. Satori posted a wonderful horoscope for today's New Moon in Pisces, with these two lines a life jacket for a struggling goat. Read the whole post ... go here.

"...The more you’re able to fog out the extraneous worries and concerns the more you’re able to channel the bliss. It is there to experience..."
For awhile now, I've been tapping into the channel of real depth and assurance that Manulani Aluli Meyer offers. This fifth daughter of the Aluli Meyer family makes room for me to re-translate and make sense of life. I post links and videos of Manu's lifework-- her kuleana--. She's unafraid, and fully awake to the depth of her responsibility and this inspires me to keep balancing my load like the Manapua Man. It's a New Moon and a moon on which to set new intentions for the coming Malama (month). I keep my astrologers' advice in hand:

1. Elsa P. in her latest newsletter reminds me, "If you are worried about the Saturn in Scorpio transit, here is a list of 8 common mistakes you should avoid. [the list is edited ... link here  go to the sidebar and  subscribe to her newsletters and get the scoop from her first-hand]

7. Stubborn refusal to acknowledge core transformation is necessary

 8. Thinking #7 should be easy or painless"

2. Satori's advice for a good region to plant new seed this New Moon is, "Midday the Moon conjuncts the Sun, the new moon. This is a great time for goal setting and emotional intention. In Pisces, this tends to work best if you tap into compassion and connectedness..."

And last, another scoop of Manu Mana. This is a quote from a keynote address entitled, " Our Collective Remembering: Five (K)new Ideas for World Transformation delivered in 2009.

" Here is the whole focus of this welcoming talk for your conference.  It is our thinking that changes everything, but it is our actions where they are expressed.  Why not see the holographic idea and be inspired to think through your own quality of consciousness – and then to respond appropriately?  Why not see our connection through difference?  It is the Hawaiian understanding found in auamo kuleana: collective production through individual excellence.  Why again do we not actively deconstruct our hidden assumptions of society that holds us hostage to uniformity, money and shallow forms of relating?
 Read the summary of Manulani Alulli Meyer's keynote address here.

My intention for the New Moon made this morning is to made use of the life I have as Makua O'o and re-translate the definition. Re-define Makua O'o for modernity as Meyer's would say, taking it deeper and spreading it for these mythic times in which we live. I've started to conceive a new workshop called "These Mythic Times" ... coming in April to celebrate Earth Day, 2013. Interested? Stay tuned for more information.

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