Friday, March 15, 2013

Seeds of belief ... spring-time and seasons for reasons

"Sarah and the Seed" by Ryan Andrews

There's a new bird in the woods with us. I noticed the sharp high-trill of this new bird last week and while out on the trails with GJOTS the night was filled with this bird's song. The moss is growing again turning the trails fluorescent. Forsythia is blooming, daffodils too. Winter has passed and we, my dear Pete and I grow older adjusting to the fit of life at this stage we move differently, make odd sounds and sometimes ... I lose track of the magic of EVERY time. Until I am refreshed with inspiration, and common magic.

The rewrite of my short story and fairy tale is done! The story has grown over the winter and I set out to illustrate it; something I have yet to do. There's a seed of desire to draw the the red felt hibiscus, tea cozy hat, and pile of ducks and kitties. Birthing art is exactly like birthing all babies, the process is one of enduring pain and pleasures. Expectations grow along with those births and they can hinder or help the journey. Right now, as I experience spring again, I seek out the incredibly inspiring stories being crafted and launched by young people. The drawing above is the artwork, and comic of Ryan Andrews called "Sarah and the Seed". It's a beautiful, award-winning example of just how mythic and magic a time this is ... now.

I discovered Ryan Andrews while searching Kickstarter. Ryan has recently been successful at funding his collection of short stories called "Nothing is forgotten." Awesome! Inspiration! Hopeful!

A spontaneous poem for spring
by Yvonne Mokihana Calizar

I've never lived this spring before.
And for the first time heard 
The high-pitched sound 
Birdsong out of sight
My heart feels it beat inside

I've never lived this spring before.
Imagine the possible
Seeds of magic 
To set things right
Left to ripen

I've never lived this spring before.
Age is no wall to births
Young, old and inbetweens
A season for any reason
Makes living a noun, a now.

May this spring be one filled with seeds that ripen in the long sweet seasons coming.

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