Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Langley looks to the sea"

The fairy pinks still bright on a sunny day.
Tall and broad capped forest once-brilliant flowers whose names I don't know ... like the Ancient Ones that stand around me in the woods. I love the way they hold themselves in bends.
Pineapple woods!
Camelia still blooming
Ivy climbs
Mossy paths for bitty creatures who love the shade more than the sun
These yellow berries like tiny crab apples
And in the sky and across the water Kulshan plays peekaboo over the ridge line of Camano Island.

Yesterday in between putting the finishing touches to our newly opened 5 and Dime Store, I took myself on an Artist's Date while the winter sun was bright and cheery. No longer fall, the temperature was in the 30's and I dressed for the season with layers of warmth and color. My faithful old boots and eyes childlike (though perhaps a bit crinkly) and on the look-out for magic found a well-worn walking path. With colors in place and my camera eager for the adventure we did have a magical time! I'm loving this Route 66.

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