Saturday, November 16, 2013

The start of Route 66

 Mahina was bright and full enough to wake me early for the start of my 66th year, The Year of Joy Riding on my personal Route 66.
 I mixed up a small batch of gluten-free/oatmeal and banana pancakes, drizzled with coconut oil and lili'ko'i syrup, drank some young coconut water and felt the Gypsy queen in our little Quonset.
 Once filled with food, and changed into birthday clothes Pete was my driver for this first of joy-rides on Route 66. Phone calls began with greetings in 'olelo Hawaii, "Hauoli La Hanau, Mom." Could it get any better.  It did, and I relished in it, answering the cellphone for other birthday wishes and visiting friends along the way. We headed for one of our treasure of beaches that faces the open ocean and Hawaii, Libby Beach on the west side of Whidbey Island. The tide was full and the waves busy.

 Pete called our son back to leave him a voice message of the waves coming in over the pohaku (rocks) on the shore.
 I chanted to the akua of air and water, sending my voice to Hawaii. E Ho Mai. What I am to know, let it be known to me.
 On the way back we stopped to visit the Madrone along the road at Deception Pass

 and were blessed with cleared skies and a sunset as electric and orange as my birthday card.
It has been a day of Joy, Luck, no Cake ... but lots of Joy and Luck. I have a prize of birthday apple pie waiting for me at another friend's home. What a lucky ole gal I am to be blessed with such gifts. Mahalo Laurence for the sweet camera that is taking all these photos.

Thank you all!!!!xoxo

What fun!

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