Monday, November 18, 2013

The week ahead:JACKPOT! next stop of my personal Route 66

"Wednesday and Thursday, we have a grand trine in the water signs. The Moon and Jupiter in Cancer are part of this - it's quite upbeat. Many will feel (Moon) hopeful (Jupiter). Optimism can go a long way! This is great for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The earth signs will benefit too, but there's also great news for Virgo, Gemini and other thinkers out there. Next Monday, Mercury will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.  It's possible you get some scary news, but I doubt it. The conjunction is incredibly well aspected, receiving support from the Moon, Venus, Mars, Chiron Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

I don't see how a person can complain about a situation like this. People willing to think deeply about the hard stuff are likely to hit the jackpot.

I mention this early so you can set your eye on the horizon and snag the prize that I know is out there. Why waste an opportunity" - from ElsaElsa's Newsletter (click on the link to sign up for it)

Astrology seems to be the hot button for my regular readers here, and my favorite source for sky navigation is Elsa Panizzon author and creator of I consult her regularly and have ever since Pete and I began our lives as Sam and Sally. Elsa's taking a break from her near-constant blogging until the end of the year but she is sending out her newsletter once a week so I opened up my email and found the scoop I've quoted above.

Together Pete and I are Cancer and Scorpio (sun signs). "Many will feel (Moon) hopeful (Jupiter). Optimism can go a long way! This is great for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces." This is particularly good news for us. We can use the optimism as much as a dose of Vitamin D at just the right time. With less sun (a frequent occasion in the woods of the Pacific Northwest) optimism in all forms is the sort of infusion we welcome. Pete is off for his morning of volunteering at The Food Bank. On his way out the door he looked over my shoulder as I read my Elsa newsletter, "Alright, we're gonna hit the jackpot," he cheered. He has to speak a lot louder this week. Ear wax! I am learning to appreciate what hard-of-hearing means. It's not a new experience, but it feels like a deeper learning is happening with this episode. From head to toe life as Sam and Sally is a life of healing from the wounds that are inflicted from the outside as well as those I inflict upon myself. (When a gal has ear wax and can hear only what is going on inside her, it's a formidable jackpot! The ringing and the sounds are all mine.)
Onward from the ear wax ...

Here's the jackpot potential: I wrote this to describe our lives six birthdays ago. "By the time our friends joined the small birthday celebrators for food and drink our brave Sam and Sal were living in their car as a last solution. Safe places alluded and offending smells had become life-threatening poisonous apples."
Since then Earth has revolved and rotated and Sam and Sally have safety pinned themselves to places and people who offer jackpot after jackpot of joy. The life-threatening poisonous apple disease still persists; many people still love Monsanto and refuse to make different decisions about tending to and living with 'weeds.' I, can do very little to make Monsanto change. But, my life? My life rings with potential to be fully present (ear wax or not) and I have a partner who cares fervently ... that's the Cancer sun for you. What I do with what we learned since Sam and Sally lived in the car becomes the daily experience of magic and myth-making and the creation of stories like "The Safety Pin Cafe" where protocol and respect for all places and creators is the practice. From the Introduction of that medicine story, is this:

"We cross borders without regard, ignorant or arrogant of the protocol native to the transitional spaces that take us from this place to that place. Traditions remembered and practiced would maintain and pass along the right things to do, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. Have we all become wanderers with passports unstamped with the memory of teachings from the Ancestors and Nature? There are rituals to remember and common magic to induce respect for the beings and places that share this planet.

Funny how Nature and Those-Who-Watch time the magic and adjustments for setting things right."
Turning wounds and amputations into a body and life that sees JACKPOT on the next exit is just the sort of journey I have begun. The personal Route 66 is one that conjures up magic within the frame of my reality. Like Elsa wrote in her newsletter, "People willing to think deeply about the hard stuff are likely to hit the jackpot." What a life!

Can you spot your jackpot?


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