Monday, November 25, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2, 2013

"The new moon in Sagittarius takes place on December 2nd at 11 degrees. It comes just in time to give people hope. If you already have hope, your hope will be reinforced. This is a very positive new moon... -read the whole post at ElsaElsa for thoughts about the new moon in the Houses
This new moon in Sagittarius will be in my 11th house. "New Moon in the 11th house – Give to friends and make some new ones," suggests my astrologer. I've been given the start of a new year, that in many peoples' eyes, especially those who have rebuilding, relearning, and restoring themselves after experiencing loss or as I've come to call it a personal typhoon. Relating to that sort of water-born devastation, the wounds are fresh. Typhoon Haiyan is no accident. What I can do about that typhoon does start with recognizing how one wound affects all. My astrologer Elsa P. is offering me an opportunity to recognize the hope that comes after wounding(s). The hope I feel during my freshly begun new year I put down in the Route 66 posts that have begun here. The energy of the Sagittarius New Moon coming up helps to transform the episodes of wounding when I try to step into spaces that are unsafe for me: try as I might to push on the borders of "safe" some things, some situations are still 'no goes.' Pete and I had one of those situations yesterday. It threw us for a toxic loop. We fell back into the anger-loss-wounded place.

Where's the hope?

Gratefully it comes with time and an informed knowing. Today I see how to apply the energy of the feminine, the moon energy of Sagittarius. There are friends (old and new) that could be made by generously giving what I authentically have. My long-time readers and family know that my blogging life began with the blog VARDO FOR TWO. I closed that blog to the public in 2011. I've reopened it with a new attitude based on my awareness that some good can come by sharing the story of building a two-wheeled Gypsy-style home. We built it with hope. Today we live in it and thrive because I've found a recipe for weaving magic and myth into stories that transcend obstacles. I need these stories, and they come. I write them down, and hope grows. These are mythic times believe it or not.Vardo For Two my first blog is reopened continuing with "Stories Five Years Later ... life on the borders where myth-making and magic are the remedy". Link to VardoForTwo. 
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