Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saturn conjuncts Sun (in Scorpio): consolidate and refine

Both astrologers Elsa and Satori, on my favorite blog point to what I'm feeling this week. The theme and feel is to consolidate and refine what and where I use the energy (power) I have. It's a collective theme, and an opportunity to recognize how best to weather the powerful shift both of seasons (deepening winter) and cycles (Saturn in Scorpio). Satori writes,"Wednesday morning the Scorpio Sun conjuncts Saturn exact. Together they sextile Mars and apply into trine with Jupiter. This is a great time to assess where you are in your current goals and work on organizing and shoring up your course of action..." Elsa asks:  Are you consolidating (Saturn) and redirecting your life energy (Sun) at this time? I left this comment on Elsa's blog "Yes Elsa. I spent the last couple of days assessing and feeling the reality of how much energy I have to spread around. I’m an aging gypsy with no less imagination, but a lot less energy. What I can do is sort and hold on to the things/people/stories of value. I do have energy for that."

In years passed, and not too many years either, we would be packing up and boarding a plane headed west across the ocean for Hawaii. Like the kolea the Golden Plover, we wintered in warm weather. Back and forth, back and forth. The migratory instinct was (and still is) strong in me. I feel it as strongly now as I have always felt it. But the truth of things is we have neither financial nor physical energy to pack up and make that west-bound journey. Saturn (time) is telling me: not now, not that way! Rather than expend the energy to fuel that gypsy instinct I am attending to the sort and consolidate process of cleaning up the writings I have done over the last six years: thousands of words, dozens of stories and a cafe (virtual turned physical) newly opened. I turn 66 in ten days and value my energy to imagine more fully now than ever! That is a very good sign; the fire still burns in my belly and I know I'm still alive and capable of journeying.

How does a rooted gypsy continue to journey without traveling? If you are one of the rooted gypsies how do you do it?

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