Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aloha Moon

"The Moon will be in Scorpio tomorrow [Friday, January 24, 2014] , heading towards conjunction with Saturn which is tightly square Mercury in Aquarius. I'm sending this early because I think it's important...
Scorpio is associated with depth and psychology and pathology. The moon represents your family, your emotions and what's internal and private to you...Some will dialogue (Mercury) with their psyche (Scorpio) at this time, with excellent results. It's as if the intellect can fathom the depth and perhaps mastermind (Mercury) a way to to be healed (Pluto) and liberated (Uranus) from some kind of binding (Saturn) pathology (Saturn). - a snip from Elsa P.'s Free Astrology E-Newsletter
The past three moon phases are what are called the 'Ole Moons. It's one of my favorite topics, and I write about those moons a lot. These times are reflective and deeply informative cycles; traditional Hawaiian practices considered these the rest, do no new planting and harvesting (both from the sea and ground) until after the 'ole phases are done. As my personal practice as makua o'o grows and I age, the respectful nature of Hina's (the moon)influence on Earth works deeply within me. During the 'ole cycle just passed I cleaned things up a little on my blogs and prepared for the coming season. As Elsa described in her most recent newsletter, Scorpio is associated with depth, internal (workings) and private issues. During the 'ole moons my dreams have been heightened arenas of deep reflection. Reliving my path and the choices I've made play out during the dreams. Sleep? Well that is not precisely right, for the activity during a deeply Scorpio time is not restful. A duality to be active when asleep: yes.

An elder in training conscious of the journey experiences life awake and asleep. The depth of conversation with the whole happens while I an dreaming; the words not as important as the impressions and the sense of the messages. Reliving choices made as a maiden of twenty-five I listened to what I thought, and watched as many words did not get said. Witnessing the seduction of power during the decades of a very active corporate career I have regrets. These dreams recur, I will them away, hoping to chase them out of my head with determination. That doesn't work. The journey continues, and count this as a blessing: I live this life further and practice letting go ... deeply letting go. (Pluto) Astrology factors the mystery into a real human life, I open to it and translate horoscopes into practical mythology: deeply private issues (seduction, power) are infused with Uranus (in Aries) action in my house of communication. I take the dreams into the myths I write and let the words connect for healing...mine, and others who read the stories. There is a lifetime of my life available to heal those issues of seduction to move me along the path.

Time and time again, I re-post and connect with astrology and my reliable sources. The principles of makua o'o are flexible tools that apply themselves differently over time. They are not rules so they are not meant to limit the way(s) in which they can be useful. They are not confining so they allow for personal interpretation, like astrology. Aloha Moon says a lot without using many words. Many images might come to mind; there are many definition for 'aloha' so it's a principle sort of moon. Any way you translate the word, it comes down to 'love' and there you are. Aloha is Love. Love Moon. What do I see as an image that is both childlike and innocent, sustaining and healing? Here's one ...

"Good Night Moon"

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