Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Preparing for the New Moon and New Year of the Horse

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Astrologically today is one of these sorts of days "... There’s likely to be tension and a feeling of restriction. Some will pop off like an over-wound spring. Others will grizzle. I’ve found that the best remedy is to work at something. It doesn’t matter a whole lot what it is, but it should be something necessary, not frivolous..." Satori continues with her view of today with this "Innovative thinking paired with traditional action is favored, and it also helps if you enlist an accomplice. For instance, ask for an edit"

The new moon, and new year is a good time to set your intentions for the coming month, and the coming year. It's a Moon in Aquarius for both and a few ideas for intentions that harmonize with the stars and planets come from Elsa P.  The Aquarius Moon will be in my First House. Aquarius in the First House writes Elizabeth Rose Campbell asks 'How can I embody authenticity, up-front and in person?'

Taken together all three bits of astrology help me focus the tension and feeling of restriction (in my belly) by first boiling and drinking fresh ginger tea. The tea's in there calming things down. I'm preparing for the first showing with an intimate audience of friends and readers of my second medicine story The Joy Weed Journal. These medicine stories are a thread or branch of telling that is different than posts of mostly astrology (the sort many readers most enjoy here); yet they include astrology in the myth-making. What I'm up to as I prepare for the New Moon and New Year is the ongoing journey of harmonizing with the whole whirl. Caught up in the process too intensely I can easily pop off like that over-wound spring. Pausing and napping to feel where I'm at "Ginger tea" sings to me.

The Lunar New Year always begins with the (western) astrological sign of Aquarius, the innovator. Sweet that is, for me the Scorpio Sun because if I look at my Progressed Chart, my sun sign is now in Aquarius the innovator. So many details and alternatives to navigation. Mostly though, I sort through the many and focus on today, one day at a time, with the long view gentle on my mind. Progress not perfection is a principle that works when I remember to live this day as fully as possible. Imperfect is okay, it's the progress -- the journey. So here's where I plug in my awareness of the progressed sun sign. My birth chart at birth (natal chart) is empty of planets in the First House. "The first-house identity is generally what a person offers in response to, "And who are you?" says Elizabeth Rose Campbell.  With the New Moon in Aquarius at the start of the Lunar New Year I view this as an opportunity to be innovative in the way I answer that question. At 66, I have been many things but mostly I am a teacher with whazy and whimsical approaches to healing and occupations. Uranus is natally in my 6th House Gemini. I communicate innovation.

What I do and feel with the energy of today's Capricorn Moon (a flavor of moon familiar to me) is to notice and make room for innovation that comes riding in on a horse later this week. Uranus as innovator knows I don't do horse very well, but there is more than one way to ride and so I find a way to make it work for me. My writing is focused and mostly behind-the-scenes as I prepare to be with a small audience where I ask for authentic feedback on my newest work. It's an innovation for me, an old horse trotting down her personal Route 66.

And you? What intentions have you for the New Moon?

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