Thursday, January 9, 2014


 “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”
Dr. Seuss

My astrologer, Elsa P. posed a seemingly simple question on her blog today: "How can a person reach you?"  As I wrote in a comment to her query I couldn't answer the question and that really puzzled me. I've learned over time to leave something (a question, a puzzle) alone, relax (that's not always easy, but there it is!) do something good for myself, and most of all go to sleep/rest/dream. As I wrote yesterday, these are the 'Ole Moon times; today is 'Ole Pau the last of the four rest and reflective phases prior to the Full Moon coming up in the sign of Cancer (January 15, 2014). Something sweet and sour about 'Ole Pau phases is the potential to be "without" ('ole) for a long time (pau). On the one hand you might not want to get married on this day if there's any hesitation in your gut if marriage in your culture is a forever no nevermind sort of value. Then again if this is THE one and you both know it, this one will be long lasting one "without end." Everywhere you look there is the duality of answers, an axis of opposites and ultimately and every time, both are true depending upon your point of view.

So, on an 'Ole Moon the reflection with Elsa's query is on the value of being teachable. To teach well and truly, the teacher must remain ever teachable; that in a nutshell is the reason Makua o'o is a lifetime journey and practice. "There is so much to learn," as Pua Kanakaole Kanahele exclaims in this YouTube presentation.

Astrology and genealogy are long-term teaching experiences that serve me well and differently as I grow and age. Both tools have given me the long-sighted view of being human that I suppose would not require so much time, if I were an astronaut. The chance for that to happen in this lifetime is scant, but the lesson of being human and appreciating Earth as the Mother-she-is could not be better served than to see and feel what space-travelers see when they are on their way back home after being on the moon. What happens for me when I see the photo of Earth from space, and read the quotes from astronauts is inspiration-insight-infusion from the Gods. Astrologically, Neptune transforms any doubt in me that we are all connected. Genealogy. Long-view perspective integrates and I feel the heartbeat of my culture as woman with blood of the kanaka maoli. I am reached and know why "malama 'aina" means love the land and the land is Earth. I have a heavy signature of Capricorn and Saturn (long term work). If I'm not teachable the hard becomes brittle, and brittle break. Flexibility comes from Jupiter and Venus. Astrology teaches me how to appreciate those angles, not all at once, but with practice. So I practice.

Seated here in front of the computer screen in a tiny hut that just barely separates me from hundreds of tall and rooted trees I am awake and aware to the presents: those trees root me and us to the ground and to Earth; without them it would be a very different place/home; all that green the astronauts saw from space? Trees. A pot of chicken stew steams on the burner, I hear the water simmer making lunch for us. The simple and ordinary process of cutting up carrots, Kabocha, onions and collards involves in what we'll eat in an hour. Pete my husband is resting deeply, worn from the weather, the doing of a very action-oriented Cancerian man. His body senses the need for the rest and these 'Ole Moons take on a very sensual reality for him, for us. There are many steps, many processes involved in living this life from tiny rooms built in the woods. Work is involved. Someone needs to do things, even as the reflections are important the dishes, the stew, the composting toilet, the feeding of chickens and the feeding of the cat: things that must be done.

Gently now than perhaps at other times the role of doer and being flips and for now I do more, while also being grounded like the Tall Ones (the trees), or the wakame (the seaweed, the kelp) that is held fast to sea stones and moves with the push of wind or tides. The wind and water influence me, the trees remind me they cannot dance unless they are firmly rooted. I remain teachable and give thanks that I can be reached. You?

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