Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full Moon in Cancer, January 15, 2014

"...The Cancer Moon will be involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross on her way to becoming full. This creates an exceptional situation. Most notably she gets a big fat kiss from Jupiter (exalted) in Cancer just before she reaches the peak of her brightness...It may be that people who don’t like the full moon, prefer to operate in the dark. I enjoy the full moon, because I like to know things.  She’s also so beautiful, it’s hard to deny her..Overall, I expect good things from this full moon. To maximize her positive impact on your life, be open to all possibilities and ready to make real (Capricorn) the opportunities (Jupiter) that are personal (Moon) to you.."  ElsaElsa
Elsa continues to suggest the positive effects of tomorrow's Full Moon (in her free newsletter), " I think this energy is benevolent and most people will receive a gift of some type over the next few days. I am not talking about a lotto win. I am talking about "mom" coming 'round and making things better..."
My old friend jt sent me a very cool, and very funny bit of astrology from someone we have both followed over the decades. Back when I was living in Iao Valley, Rob Brezsny's column "Free Will Astrology" appeared in the Hawaii Island Journal (the fine free newspaper where I first wrote "Makua O'o"). We read his weekly horoscopes and always got a big kick out of his perspectives. I remember once when Pete thought to play a practical joke on a friend who didn't get Brezsny's weekly column. Pete made them up and sent them along via email, which in 1996 was very hi-tech. We thought she was really 'buying into his-version of Brezsny. Taking inspiration from my husband's already nimble but unusual juxtaposition of words, I can only guess at how that old friend reacted upon first read. Years later she said she always knew they were made up. But whose to know for sure!

I digress, but now back to the Brezsny horoscope that showed up in my email this morning. It was for Scorpio, and it reads:

"In his book Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition, Ben Schott dreams up new compound German words for use in English. Here's one that would serve you well in the coming week: Fingerspitzentanz, meaning "fingertips-dance." Schott says it refers to "tiny triumphs of nimble-fingered dexterity." His examples: fastening a bracelet, tightening a miniscule screw, unknotting, removing a recalcitrant sticker in one unbroken peel, rolling a joint, identifying an object by touch alone, slipping something off a high shelf. Both literally and metaphorically speaking, Scorpio, you now have an abundance of this capacity. Everything about you is more agile and deft and limber than usual. You'll be a master of Fingerspitzentanz."
I wrote back to my friend jt and told her the horoscope was making me laugh. I could clearly and whimsically identify with "fingerspitzentanz" ... it's one of my favorite pass-times and perhaps, one of the reasons I dreamed up my passion for Pete. Literal and metaphoric meaning is at the heart and core of life for me. Without angles and angels the box is too tight, the pot way to small for a growing view of what life is. The full moon in Cancer does feel expansive. Many episodes are "home" oriented, family-centered: the daily chats I have with my Ma when I see her picture right above the tiny stereo system playing Hawaiian music. "Hi, Ma," I say to her before taking a shower. "Take good care of the boy," I ask when I am feeling the challenges my son (her grandson) wrestles with. I leave the c.d. on even after I finish listening and tell her, "I know you love hearing it."  We package up parcels for my son and keep him in my hearts. The changes taking place on this island, and the island of my birth sadden us. But still, life comes one day at a time and we made this one as good as it can be. The old program from the 12 Step Rooms are the tired and true and I keep coming back in spite of my physical limitation of not being able to step into the rooms.  I started this day with this reading from my battered and worn copy of Courage to Change (and discover CTC is on Facebook)"Our spiritual growth is unlimited and our reward endless if we try to bring this program into every phase of our daily lives." :::there's a kiss:::

This full moon tomorrow will light up my 7th House of relationships: intimate, friends, business connections. The possibilities abound, the agility for making real the possibility? It's in the being aware and allowing for "a kiss from mom." Wherever the full moon is in your astrological world feel the kiss, make it real. And if you're a sister/brother Scorpio "Fingerspitzentanz"!

P.S. To listen to the pronunciation of some of those German juxtapositions (including " "Fingerspitzentanz") from Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition, link here. It's a hoot!!

And, since this is such a BIG FULL Moon, something from Satori is here.

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