Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mercury square Saturn, January 25, 2014

 “This relates to this aspect. You want to ask the right person, the right things, but I also have to stay out of situations I’ve not been asked to get involved in, which is exactly what I will do.” There’s the gold! - ElsaElsa
There's an interesting exchange of question and comments going on over at my astrology's place. Mercury, the planet of communication/messages and 'how one thinks' is retrograde in Scorpio. One thing that happens when Mercury (appears to us from Earth) to be traveling backward (retro) is issues get a re-do and a second shot. In Scorpio, the exercise will be deep and probably serious. An astrological 'square' means the energy of two planets (in this case Mercury and Saturn) One of my favorite descriptions for a 'square' in astrology is from Elizabeth Rose Campbell. From her book Intuitive Astrology Campbell wrote, "Sometimes we must develop very sophisticated methods of combining talents to maximize our creative gifts to the world. To do this, we need to be like the carpenter building a table--aware of variables, present with our tools, our full attention, and a substantial fund of patience."

"putting legs on a table"

Sometimes, a square will bring out the all-too-serious sides of an angle. Especially with Saturn involved the pressure of 'the task master' (one of Saturn's descriptors) a transit with this energy can be harsh. The thing is, I have benefited from studying astrology influenced by people like Elizabeth Rose Campbell who viewed astrology with this mantra: "When you follow your best instincts, you follow the stars." Saturn square Mercury is in my natal chart; I was born with it. The long-term practice of learning how to express myself with authority (and not tyranny!) is my kuleana. Kuleana in Hawaiian means, living your life responsibly and in harmony with all; in all my relationships.

The Mercury-Saturn square is a short term transit, and for most people, not a life-time lesson or opportunity. What it does offer any and all of us, especially free-thinkers, is practice with when to speak and when to be silent; or, you might just want to put your legs on a table and not try to be a carpenter. Who said Saturn or Scorpios have no sense of humor?

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