Monday, January 6, 2014

Solar Return Chart for Makua o'o (a blog born in the year of the ox!)

This is the solar return chart for this blog. Yesterday was Makua o'o's solar return, it's the start her 5th year. I see the Capricorn stellium in mutual reception to Saturn (in the 7th House) in Scorpio (in the 9th House) in a trine. Giving many opportunities to relate (7th House) to other forms of publication-philosophies (9th House) through consistent commitment in relationships. That same Capricorn stellium is in trine with the Pisces Moon giving the energy of transformation to what is valued (Venus), in forms of communication (Mercury) and how this blog can shine in the world (Sun). The Pisces Moon is sweet in aspect with Saturn in Scorpio, aiding the deep and murky with a comforting place for emotional retreat. There is the challenge of Mars in Libra in the 6th House to balance the exuberance of the Year of the Horse energy. Makua o'o was born in 2009, the Year of the Horse   Ox, so slow, steady effort is what characterizes this blog. (I caught myself and corrected my thinking ... good thinking:) Uranus in Aries squares the Capricorn stellium. Unexpected and sudden changes will be part of the Year of the Horse energy of this year. And finally, Jupiter in Cancer opposes that same Capricorn stellium. I think, it's all that cardinal t-square stuff that will be with us through July, 2014.

I ordered a Solar Return Chart Report for Elsa P. last week to consider the new year here at Makua o'o. I'm glad I did, and excited by the energy, opportunity and challenges here. What do you see in the chart?

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