Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Magic-makers live!

Once upon a time when the world was falling inside out a friend watched as step by step and then in halves and quarters .... we built a space from which to begin again. Early in the days and nights of mending and dreaming of the new life being re-created that friend sent special packages of magic and magic-makers, art from across a continent and an ocean created by a woman named Rima Staines.

'we built a space from which to begin again'
That magic-maker and artist became one of my life-lines and spider web connections as strong as Grace and alive with passion to live a life fully turned to ON. Rima was living in a moveable home, a Bedford StepVan at the time of our first meeting (thanks to the 'web'). We shared stories of wee home living, and magic that wayfarers understand to be life empassioned. Rima encouraged me when critics chastised our awkward new beginnings from a home no bigger than most peoples' walk-in closets.
It makes no nevermind, magic-makers are fueled with a spark and fire that will not be easily put out. We root, and we regain deep footings ... and today in Devon, across the continent and over the Atlantic waters Rima Staines and her husband Tom Hiron have launched a marvelous project ... A THEATRE AND TRAVELING CIRCUS FOR THE IMAGINATION --  HEDGESPOKEN

Rima and Tom have designed and created a crowd funding project to build a traveling circus decked to be their home as well. The life of traveling storyteller and artist is one I relate to and write about in my medicine stories; and wish to encourage and bless this in the real-time venture. So here is a serving of encouragement, with blessing entwined and mixed well. Click on the link above to discover the magic and real life being conjured in a town called Devon, and if you've the resources to contribute, please do.
Many good and lucky coppers to you Rima and Tom.
Terri Windling has a lovely post with lively pictures of HEDGESPOKEN rolled out in a field in Devon, UK.

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