Monday, October 27, 2014

Perfect fit

"Dear Ma, I LOVE THEM! Your needles have been busy. So deft! Is that what keeps you flexible rather than brittle, and warm at heart in spite of all that rubbish and rhetoric about being old? I love that you mixed the wool with the dog hair. Yes, I can feel the difference, someone taught me to notice things like that. I love that they are big and floppy and if I tug them, up they reach. Up and over my knees. I'm tucking into my cozy chenille robe about to slide into those Birki's and will be out the door to feed the chickens who don't have a Ma to knit them floppy socks. The dark Kona roast is bitter and rich, the perfect top-it-off gift for the near-snow white knit.
Thank you my love you are the perfect fit!
This is a Monday morning tickle of words inspired by Magpie Tales' wonderful photo of socks, coffee, toast and other comforts: Magazine 243...


  1. I've fit this piece of writing into the medicine story Water Something ... that's why writing is such a magic carpet for me! See what happened with those wool and dog hair sockets ...


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