Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pacing and places

I have refueled and restored myself after a morning of telling stories, chanting and gathering with fine neighbors and friends at The South Whidbey Tilth Farmers' Market. With the wind and clouds active in the storytelling, I felt my aging storytelling self shift several times lowering and slowing the pace. A visiting Titmouse just flew into the door with the wind, then back out. She is traveling at wind speed today. Fast. Such a gift to be living in the trees and the breeze. The risks? There are those. We make ready and batten hatches down, and beyond that I just try to shift my gears, and drop the healing medicine of warmed 'olena-garlic-olive oil into my ears as the wet and moldy season begins in earnest.

Kalihi Valley 'Olena ... mahalo Ho'oulu Aina

Baby girl my tiny Cousin Keala chopping 'olena

My ears are filled with the pungent yellow-orange brew capped with cotton balls. From across the ocean the medicine of my family roots is concrete in its application. The young generation have their hands and hearts in the care and nurturance of our culture. I am here. They are there. The blonde-haired keiki girl among the youngest members of our 'ohana lives the pace of childhood...curious, exploratory, vibrant. Her mother birthed her with the blood that is part me, and so many other parts. The pace is steady ... and the route broad. How fortunate for us to know we are part of each other.

The wet and cold valley where the golden turmeric, 'olena, grows is the valley where my grandmother raised my mother. It is as wet as the grounds that surround me now. In this place, this island where tall Fir, Pine and Cedar keep me company and dance with the high moving wind I feel the heat of the fire, the heat of Haumea Mother Earth. The Winter storms and the winds that bring rain across the Pacific bring news from Hawaii and dump it onto the Pacific Northwest. I call my old kumu in Haleiwa on O'ahu's Northshore. She says, "This goofy weather ... raining like cats and dogs."

The pace of nature ... slow to medium. Over time many different paces make for a human's journey. Not always satisfied with medium or slow, sometimes we rush. We imitate the wind at storm pace. We try to keep up with the stories weaving so furiously. But then, on occasion the chance or the demand for Nature's Pace pulls the internal lever, and I slow down or pick up a stitch on a story that has been waiting its turn. On this New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse ... make a wish grounded in the deep. Eli'eli Kau Mai

Mahalo Kaliko and Keala!

'olena ... turmeric
keiki ... child
'ohana ... family
kumu ... teacher

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