Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mahinakulu (Kulu Moon Phase) ... Ku'uku'u Spins the Webs

Here and there, and almost everywhere signs of Grandmother(and her clan) Ku'uku'u the great spider tell us she is plotting. More than one species make their hei (net) setting up the potential for feeding themselves.

I observe. I make note of them. Practice the first tool of a makua o'o: notice. Down at the shoreline at noon the tide was coming in, but plenty of sand and rock lay exposed. Heron was still and hunkered down, reflecting her body space into the water, her bill inches from the malie (calm) surface. The fog was thick again, three days in a row. We sat and lunched while the seagull inched closer to the chicken bones we had cleaned of flesh. He coveted the remains. Wasps did not wait, landed on the napkins greedy, hungry.

Back on kuu'one hanau (the sands of my birth; Hawaii) The Moon Phase Project is an online forum designed to notice and record lunar knowledge specific to the unique observations where you are. I have purchased the journal created by Kealopiko. It's a wonderful tracking tool with helpful visuals to follow the phases, and lines to write in as mahina moves across the sky. The one suggestion for the journal is to make it more useable for makamakule (old eyes, like mine.) But, not really. That would simply mean more trees to turn into logs. I will not be going there!


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