Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BELIEVE it BEFORE you see it

Almost two months ago, I made a decision to close (make private) the blogs that have chronicled the years of struggle, and creating a safe home and life for us.  The decision was not an easy one for me, but the signals began coming and a significant shift was offering itself to me, and I took the offer.  Said another way 'one door closed and another opened.'  A generation of blogs closed, except for this one.  Makua O'o remains the spiritual foundation that is more than struggle and is a value unstealable...if a value can be stolen at all. 

The doors that opened have taken the form of other blogs and updated versions of blogging, as well as a shift in the stories I tell about myself.  The practice of being makua o'o is a life-time practice; lessons show up in different forms the people who challenge us, or the person we have been sheds skins/beliefs/attitudes; the same o'o (tool) is used in a different way. 

'Believe it before you see it,' is one of the o'o that is making a big, positive difference for me.  It's not an idea that is new to me.  It's a new me that is having the idea work in my life.  Among the influences that drew me closer to this 'new me' is an Internet Friend named Libby.  Through the years of words and blogging on our other blogs, her approach has been a beacon.  Thanks, Libby.  This is for you ...

I have posted onto our newest blog a version of 'Believe it before you see it'.  You might find it worth the read.  Link here to check it out. 


  1. aw! thank you Mokihana!
    I SO so love the title of this post.
    It actually took me a few minutes (I'm slow today) to figure out how that could connect to me at all! LOL!
    But I get it now.
    And I truly do believe it works.
    I'm so happy that you tuned in to what was the right course for you and followed that intuition... and that you're already experiencing such a positive difference!
    That is so wonderful to read and I have a huge grin on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.
    Love and light to you my friend, beaming across the continent :-)

  2. Libby! Sending thanks, and appreciation back at yah.


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