Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Part 2 of The Workshop COUNT ON THE MOON: "Malama I Ka `Aina

The second month-long study group-work shop begins Sunday, May 1st.  A preview of "Malama I Ka `Aina is now available for all to read and enjoy.  This  preview will only be accessible to the public through Saturday, April 30th, and becomes a private registered-reader blog come MAY DAY, May 1st. (More details about the 4-Part Count On The Moon Workshops are outlined on the side-bar of this blog, Makua O'o ... over there, to the right.)

Click here to enjoy the preview and glimse the next level of study that weaves Counting on the Moon with Caring for the Land. 

To register for "Malama I Ka `Aina":

Email us at ssvardoATgmailDOTcom
Subject "Malama I Ka `Aina"
Ask to be included/invited (or ask any questions) to the blog-workshop
We will reply with directions for registration

Mail your check to:

Mokihana Calizar
P.O. Box 483
Langley, WA 98260

Mokihana and Pete

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