Thursday, April 28, 2011

COUNT ON THE MOON, but don't try to nail her down!

It has been an interesting day.  I took myself on many walks through the forest, thinking, wrestling with the new awarenesses dawning on me.  The weather so changeable and unpredictable:  nearly spring but thunder-y and then hail.  I'm preparing for another look at the relationship I have with Hina, the goddess of the sky, the goddess of the moon.  From my spot in the tall trees of Washington state I have tried to nail down (in my fixed signs of the zodiac fashion) a goddess who is unnailable. 

Pete came home from working at the Tilthe Garden, and I told him of my quandry.  He's the fix-'ems man so we went to work on my moon dilemna.  We clicked on Kalei Tsuha's video of Kaulana Mahina, and listened once more to a perspective that is the basis for my joy-in-this-work.  If I stand in my Western boots and attempt to attune to Mahina she will elude me.  She will move her water and her wisdom just far enough from my grasp to loosen my grip. 

We listened and found again, the essence of the journey to Count on the Moon.  The journey is not in the tight fist or tight jaw.  The essence is in the knowing of subtlety and character ... changeable, effecting, slightly off-center, an approximation.  A mystery.  How can you nail down a mystery? 

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