Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ho'omanawanui ... Jera ... patience ... harvest

April in the woods is a blast!  A blast of unexpectedly bang on the roof blast of ice pellets.  Incredible shades of light blast.  Cool wood scented blasts of fresh air.  Dark blasts of night-time quiet.  Comforting blasts of warmth in the tiny vardo we call home blasts.  Has it been too long in coming these blasts? Have we suffered loss after loss too long?

April in the woods is a blast!  Duck waddles,  hens crow blast.  One gate, two gates, three gates. God I think we must have ten gates. Opening into, leaving behind.  All kinds of blasts from the past gates.  We have peas growing, sunflowers ready to blast out of dark lepo.  Has it been too long in coming these waddles,  crows, gates, peas and sunflowers out of the dark lepo blasts?

In another version of the story maybe.
This time the story ends with.  No not so very long.
This time we tell a different story and there's nothing so wrong.
Patience.  Long Harvest. Ho'omanawanui.  Jera.  Old words. New story. What a blast!

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