Monday, April 4, 2011

NEW BEGINNINGS: Count On The Moon Workshop in Progress, New Moon Cycle in Process

Hilo Moon (New Moon) has come with the energy of Aries and the explosion of new beginnings.  Our new on-line workshop COUNT ON THE MOON is now happening.  Nothing rushes in back there, slowly the registered folk navigate the new blog-study group and I learn how to share mana'o via an INTERNET wa'a kaulua (canoe). There's still time to register and join in this month-long workshop. 
Email me at ssvardoATgmailDOTcom to register.  There is plenty to learn, and nearly all the moons of April to go through the twelve sessions all ready for you to explore.

Creating this workshop has been and continues to be a major step  in my healing journey as Makua O'o.  Maturing into alignment with the self that Ke Akua sees, has meant I learn to honestly tend to the history I have co-created.  The gathering of pieces from my kupuna (the elders, the traditions) has allowed me to find again, the history that sustains over the long haul.  I age, and still the sticks the OO maintain me and change.  The illusions and beliefs that were either faulty to begin with or were translated with errors show up in my body, my mind and my relationships.  New Moon in Aries, I choose again and set things in stronger positions, and take responsibility for my bettering future.

It's a perfect time to lay out the o'o the tools and look at them, meditate on ways to use them to choose a life of pono.  (To find the Basic Life Tools of the Makua O'o scroll down on the sidebar to the right).  To remember or to learn where Kanaka (Hawaiians) recall their essential nature of connection with All... There is The Kumulipo.

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