Tuesday, April 26, 2011

POST 'Ole Energy: Truffled and Celebrating

Well, here we are after the 'Ole Moons, and the lessons that come from rest, retreat and review.  We took it nice and easy yesterday.  The rainy day helped slow us down, leaving a good couple of inches of water in the wheel barrel.  The Easter Bunny delivered a bunch of truffles freshly-made in town, and we enjoyed a first dinner at friends in a very, very long time.  The workshop and study group COUNT ON THE MOON is really something!  We are learning so much about ourselves, and our connection with the natural cycle of things.  I'm especially aware of how making mistakes makes me a more bearable being ... like a bush bean, I think!  I've learned how teaching something can be the best teacher.  I've learned my son is my best teacher.  I've learned to see mistakes as practice.  Practice so I can make more mistakes, and still keep practicing.

We have reason to CELEBRATE.  Pete and I arrived on Whidbey Island a year ago, and are still here and loving it.  Those who have read our journey here at Maka O'o know the years before Whidbey.  Those years have brought us here, and the story can now be different.  A pot of turkey chilli is bubbling on the stove.  Sunny rays fill the Quonset, and the sounds of birds and Pete at the saw make for the sounds of being at home.  We are in the process of making one more small space to become our bath house ... an ofuro house.  A soaking tub (oh thank you akua!) made to suit us with hot water that we can sit in.  Oh how beautiful that will be.  Our friendships here on this island expand and people really know who we are, and we contribute the authenticity of folks who have been honed by time and nature...a couple of real characters. 

Work-play-writing and walking in the woods is a combination of gifts that sustain us.  We grow from all the compost of our past experiences and work it back into our today.  I have updated the sidebar over there(to the right) with the newest kahea (call from akua lani e).  COUNT ON THE MOON Workshops are now a 4-part series of monthly study groups.  Take a look, read on, and maybe we will see you there for the newest workshop MALAMA I KA 'AINA (Care for the Land/Earth/Home) or a Hana Hou (one more time) of COUNT ON THE MOON 'Ole Mahalo (blessings of the 'Ole Moons).

Spring is happening here in the woods.  Fall is happening on the flipside of Papa.  Whereever you are, hope there's joy there with you, too.

Many blessings,
Mokihana and Pete

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