Monday, December 17, 2012

A nod to the elves ... on the week before Christmas

Santa's elves have been busy all year long. Holiday craft fairs and markets on Whidbey Island started weeks ago. Pete and I have been wandering the stalls, talking with artist friends, and taking walks with them as well. Inspired by the artists and craftspeople during this month of December an offering of these snips of conversation as the season ripens into the Holy Days. Solstice approaches and we are inspired by the light art promises.

"Limestone is easy." She meant her favorite medium for carving was also easy on her lungs. Water-soluble the dust would find its way out of her lungs. Walking the scant shoreline with her pink collared matron rescue dog, my friend told me of her love of sculpture. "The subtractive is what I love about sculpting," she said as we enjoyed a sun-break from the weeks of damp and dropping temperatures. I was learning so much about art and my new friend. Taking away the mass to reveal something within ... what a gift.

"These are like constellations," I said admiring the small scatter pins displayed at eyebrow level. The silversmith held the tiny saw and blade. I'd not noticed it. She drew me in. Behind the plexiglass display boxes I saw the detail of a penned design which came after connecting the tiny entry-holes. "They are  constellations," she said perhaps surprised at a stranger's view of her art. I'm wearing one of the bronze scatter pins a hoaka moon. I told the silversmith that I am a fairy tale writer, and had just finished my most recent tale. Things led to talk, talking story, and I discovered she lived on the Ala Wai Canal. She was born on O'ahu, lived on a boat, and went to schools I know well. I left her a safety pin, and she sold me the hoaka scatter pin.

For a moment, he was not sure. "Can we do this?" he asked not seriously, but then he rarely hesitates. "Sure, we can," I told him. Bellies topped off with stacks of blueberry pancakes it would have been easy to remain stationery and warm inside the car. The wind had stirred itself into a frenzy outside. How glad we were to continue the holiday spree of art fairs begun a week ago. Within a few minutes of browsing and conversation we had found art and artists with complementary souls for telling a story of whimsy. The ideas, artful lettering and use of recycled papers enchanted me. We have a small bag of these goodies to inspire and give away.
 "I'm a retired art teacher, and I love to create. It keeps me out of trouble," Nancy told me as I waited for her to total up my handful of lettered magnets.
-Nancy Skullerud

"I love your new beads," I emailed my friend Joan after spending time at her on-line shop Off Center Productions. She and her partner Lana sit among mountains of freshly "baked" ceramic and porcelain beads, talismans, and pendents. I was especially enchanted by two pieces. One of them reminded me of the Madrone from The Safety Pin Cafe... 
"The tree itself was elegant and tall her arms rose into the space above me. "Madrone, the lovely deep rooted one," I was thrilled to see her and reached for the smooth run of her skin."

-Off Center Productions

Back at the farm, the heater warms me, and the comforter does that for him. The wind is even more blustery now as I wrap up this simple nod and thanks to those who love to create. Elves are a handy lot with much to offer us at the Holy Season, and all seasons. Gathering December delights as we did this weekend is a satisfying thing, making life a bit sweeter knowing art lives and this on a laminated and lettered magnet says it well:
"I'll play it first and tell you what it is later"
- Miles Davis

A last minute update: from my astrologer(s) Elsa and Satori on ElsaElsa ... a fantastic stars and planet elf offering to navigate Saturn's 2.5 year transition through Scorpio. 

"I’ve had a few people ask for access to the Saturn in Scorpio workshop I did with satori, earlier this year. The workshop was very good. I hate turning these people away, so I pulled the content together and created a pdf that people can buy." - Elsa P.

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