Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Ole Moons after New Moon in the Archer

Venus trines Uranus and closes in on its square with Chiron. What you want does not necessarily blend with your natural abilities. Innovate and use your so called flaws to help others and in doing so you help yourself. Oh, and it’s the end of the Pisces Moon: Don’t forget to drink!-Satori writes about the Wednesday sky

Today and tonight is  Ole Kukahi, the first of the four 'ole moons of Kaulana Mahina The Hawaiian Moon Calendar. Yesterday we were in town meeting with our local techno-experts. We're preparing to buy our first new computer in twelve years! How does a writer work without a new computer in twelve years? The same way she learns to live in 8x12 foot spaces called 'home.' Making do with what is available and as Satori suggests above "innovate and use your so called flaws to help others and in doing so you help yourself." Satori's view of the Wednesday already moving rapidly into it's cloak of night reminds me that my flaw or Chiron wound centers around being caught in feeling sorry for myself ... "too old a computer, too small a home, too wide a gap between want and need."

The 'Ole times are good for reviewing and considering the quality of your actions, decisions, projects begun during the past few days. In this case, the period of time to consider is the time since the New Moon in Sagittarius. All in all, and as things sit today, my New Moon wish has become sweeter and affirming as the mana of homeo-practical magic treats those with safety pins. Last night instead of watching a movie we ate a late and leisurely supper and I read aloud the entire 10-dose story about Pale Wawae, the not-so-young Border Witch. Pete was nestled under the covers with his back against the wall. I read and spin a tale that is as familiar to me as toast. I glanced from time to time and saw eyes shut as all good fairy tales are layered into their proper place when words are caught in the winds behind the eye lids imagination's favorite residence.

Before I finished reading the final words, my voice was collecting tears from the edges of time and memory that even a storyteller cannot predict. Waiting for their opportunity to join in, these tears are a potent ingredient, as The Faceless Woman discovers time and time again and again. I put the story down, the 14 point printed copy lies behind me as I pump these words through fingertips. Last night I did not dream of the border, but Pete said he did and early in the morning found his copy of The Safety Pin Cafe to read again. This time in the quiet of The Quonset Hut, the real Safety Pin Cafe where the silver-haired raven and kitty and safety pins galore nourish the Muse, the writer, the not-so-young.

Finally, I am reading an exquisitely written fairy tale, The Mistress of Spices written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Pete and I watched the movie based on this novel and loved it. The book is a storyteller's and fairy tale writer's delight. This storyteller and fairy tale writer's treat for the 'Ole moons. I read it slowly, not wanting the words to walk too quickly away from the place and the meanings. The small print makes reading less facile. But, the pace is perfect for these restorative moons. How blessed to learn "Cinnamon friend-maker, cinnamon dalchini warm-brown as skin, to find you someone who will take you by the hand, who will run with you and laugh with you and say See this is America, it's not so bad." I read this, and rewind the scene from the movie where Tilo shop owner and Mistress of Spices tucks the stick of cinnamon into the turban of young and tortured Jagjit. I breath in the scent of cinnamon and think How wide the stream of a Muse-led journey is. Generous, Muse. Generous Goddess.

The first snow of winter came early this morning, but is now a memory replaced with broad puddles of rain that wishes not to stop ... yet. We are dry, warm and nourished ... enough. My family is loved. I love my family. The cinnamon toast we enjoyed for brunch today hums in me and calls for company. My tummy is hungry for company. Sausages and squash for dinner.

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