Sunday, December 23, 2012

Moon Time

The days have begun to length. Longer by increments, the light of the sun gives us the brightness of day. Around here the low incidence of light can become difficult, the lack of Vitamin D and the endorphins seem to pack their bags and take a Lost Days vacation.

Around here where the island is surrounded by large bodies of water, the tides affect us often without consciousness. It doesn't take much effort to find a shoreline, but once in the woods for example, awareness of the tides is veiled. But, up in a treetop shrouded sky the large and constant presence of Mahina Earth's only moon and tidal mistress.

Today as I sit to write I note:

  • The 'Ole Moons are pau
  • Last night we had a clear and lovely view of Mahina high in the sky
  • Today begins the fattening of Mahina into full ; it is Huna when no horns to Hina appear
We gather in town with a few friends to play Konane this afternoon. I wondered what the tide would be like then. The image above is the tide chart showing the tides nearby. As well, the image shorts "Moonset" and "Moonrise". What made me smile was to notice Mahina will rise just about the time we gather to welcome friends to play and eat applesauce. It was a reason to smile, and appreciate moon time.

Around here I'm looking for small pleasures. Wishing all of you, some small pleasure during the moon times,

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