Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day ... moving into the Light, giving thanks for the journey

 Once inside the curve a corner lit with light keeps tokens and growing reminders, baskets and jars of smooth stones and recipe books of places far and near the heart.
 Mid-way through a table painted as blue as blue can be where we the three sit and sprawl and chat and eat because of course ... at last we have a table at all!
 We pushed the wall to open us a space to cook and store and wash the pots and pans and plates of goodies, tea and cinnamon toast. The Ravens perch and keep us wild, while Rima's wood elf warms her toes.
Looking back to the beginning, the entrance to our now Grand Hut reminds us how far one can come with time and lots, lots, lots of imagination and belief ...

... Aloha to all our 'ohana and readers from The Quonset where safety pins and clothes pins hold us gently together.

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