Monday, December 10, 2012

Extra helpings, please

Behind the scenes and off-center a bit, though not very far away at all, the smell of cinnamon toast and vanilla reaches my nose. I love the scent and clamor to the half-open doors of the kitchen where a third smell tickles at my toes ... reaching, reaching for its identity. Ah, Turkish apricots.

For the love of it, a stack of toast and walls of Turkish apricots climb on two platters not so tall as to topple yet tall enough to tempt the fairies out of hiding. "Extra helpings, please," I hear them above the clatter of china plates and mugs. "Is it the toast you're after?" I asked, to get a little clarification. Fairies are notorious at mixing their messages, but as I've said before in this tale, forthright is what gets to them without delay. "No, no, not the toast. The pins, the safety pins. We need to spread them around."

Ah, now I understood. - behind the scenes of The Safety Pin Cafe

Would You like a safety pin from The Safety Pin Cafe?  The Wishing New Moon, is Thursday, December 13, 2012. If you drop us a line through email with the SUBJECT: "Extra helpings, please" we'd be happy to slip a safety pin in a cup, and into the snail's mail (Mail within the US only.) for you to make your Christmas wish come true. It's our Christmas present to you for coming to visit Makua O'o and for reading The Safety Pin Cafe.

We value your privacy, and will not share your personal information.

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