Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He puko 'a kani 'aina

He puko 'a kani `aina 
A coral reef that grows into an island
A person beginning in a small way gains steadily until he becomes firmly established.
-'Olelo No'eau

The astrology for the next few days can be described in this way according to my astrologer, Elsa Panizzon, “With the Moon,Venus and Mercury in Cancer today, many will be drawn towards their families, their hometowns, their clan, their roots, etc. They’ll want the comfort that comes from familiarity.Uranus and Pluto aspect the stellium in Cancer. This combination is all about disruption and separation, so unfortunately, few will be able to find the security or nurturing they want (Venus) and feel they need (Moon)."   I've been feeling this longing for home even more strongly than usual and can usually find comfort in astrology as I ride the next wave of emotions or tumble within it as the undertow shakes me.

Being rooted to something long lasting to endure the tidal pulls and the dry spells I'll often go to my stack of 'Olelo No'eau cards for Hawaiian poetry and insight. The small deck of cards the size of business cards were printed years ago (and I believe no longer available) by my old friend Elo(ise) Nakama Hiura and her twin sister whose name I cannot retrieve from memory. When I am looking for something to which I can tether or conversely something from which I can makawalu (unfurl from) I thumb through the cards. He puko 'a kani 'aina reminds me that time is relative, growth can be measured by so many different rulers, and makua o'o is life's work.

Yesterday afternoon I was restless. My self-imposed isolation from the pollens of the dreaded Scotch Broom. The brilliant but difficult blossoms and pollen have been proliferating this year and besides its invasive physical nature The Broom is a real challenge for those who have pollen allergies (that would include me). Here in the woods I dig in the dirt, plant my beans and mache seeds, feed the chickens and go about my life but don't leave home. Yesterday I needed to have a little stretch. Just as I was heading for my car a gentle breeze blew through the high tree tops. In its wake I saw the fine yellow rain of pollen being shaken from the tips of our pine tree. There is no escaping new life, spawning and growth. It's a lesson I am given over and over again. Laughter helps (and so too does a little ride, close to home, with a hot cup of something over chitchat).

Sometimes the limits of life can create the illusion that life is only about the limitations. But. Life is not only about that. While the pollens scatter on breezes, coral spawns. While coral spawns children leave the nest. These things happen not once. These things happen over and again. See what I mean when I say the journey of a makua o'o is life work?

Is it so for you as well?

Photograph Credits: CKB and Laulau in Brussels, Coral spawning in WA

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