Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the flow this summer: Grand Trine in Water

Hahai no ka ua i ka ulula'au.
Rains always follow the forest.

The rains are attracted to forest trees.
Knowing this, Hawaiians hewed
only the trees that were needed.

-'Olelo No'eau

We live on an island. An island is surrounded by ocean. The ocean that surrounds us is the Salish Sea, Puget Sound by modern naming, Whidbey Island is water bound. The patch of land we park upon is in the middle of the forest we make room but cut no trees for our tiny huts, walk paths that get us from eating place to sleeping place. The trees grow taller each season, the huckleberries and fern reach up and out and all of this depends on the water.

It is wet here, often. Summer brings dry times and we pull out the picnic table and dig out our shorts delighted to brown up the pasty bleached out skin. My garden seeds have popped through the rich brown dirt, ten once purple bean seeds launched themselves this morning thanks to the summer rain that drenches now.The seeds are in the flow. All my anxious waiting and wondering "Where are they" stuff. No nevermind, the seeds knew what they needed.

Tending a garden is my best teacher: I plant my anxiety into the dirt and the lepo transforms it into feed for the seeds and with patience, the seeds reach for the sun, drink up the rain or spray from the hose, and create Blue Lake Beans and peas to eat later this summer. Astrology is another of the best teachers for me. Planting me with insight into Papahulilani via my favorite astrologer Elsa P. I can be in the flow. (Both the links to Papahulilani and Elsa's Grand Trine insight are worth the exploration!)


A Trine refers to 120 degrees between planets. Trines create unimpeded flow--sweet and deep support.- Elizabeth Rose Campbell


Saturn in Scorpio (deeply planted roots) trines
Jupiter (your philosophy about family) in Cancer trines
Neptune (ability to transcend/forgive) in Pisces

I can feel how deep my roots are planted and use my native curiosity to learn the language of my mother's blood. I read and breathe in the 'oli and interpretations from Pualani Kanakaole Kanahele's Ka Honua Ola. Slowly, I read the words and heed Pua's advice from the Preface, "Take time to enjoy and understand each phrase or line before going on. Remember, this gift took many lifetimes to wrap. Don't be in a hurry to unwrap it and become frustrated in doing so."  This is precisely what Saturn's 2.5 year stay in Scorpio is about for me. Don't rush. Dig deep.

While I rest between digs I have begun a gentle meditation practice to maintain flow. A simple ritual. I fold a paper cup. The one who is in need comes. I fill it. Or, they fill mine when it is my cup that is in need. 
Are you flowing?


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