Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturn's role in the journey for makua o'o

"With Saturn in Scorpio, energy is limited and I just don’t have it to waste."-Elsa P.

Saturn in Scorpio is moving through my 10th House (public reputation). With each new day I am made very aware of the limited energy I do have. The upside of that is, I do have some energy. Yesterday my husband and I packed up our Subaru and braved the pre-solstice downpour to celebrate my good friend's graduation. Packing up your car in these contemporary times might seem oddly out of date for a trip an hour and a half away. But, to us, in our form of living it takes packing and preparation. We did successfully drive north on Highway 20, Pete steady at the wheel at 50MPH with very little traffic to impede us. We made a choice to see this good friend whose journey inspires me as she uses the energy available to her to become a force with which to reckon. I have listened to her sort what's good, what's no longer nourishing, what beliefs can sustain her now.

Our drive to celebrate her success required packing up, and when we arrived it was obvious we could not stay long. We found her among the red gowns and embraced with the energy of friendship solid. It was important to be there; not a waste of energy. I had my blue waterproof boots on, and had the Toy Story umbrella poised above me to shed the rain. Pete found our friend in that crowd of graduate, and when we had to leave said, "Moki really just wanted to show off her boots!" He's a Cancer with care at his core and mischief in all his limbs. "Those are boots worth showing," my friend said appreciatively. I glowed.

Above everything else Saturn does for all of us, the planet of time-keeping brings the lesson of slowing down to learn lessons deeply. For me, the 10th House transit has to do with being an elder, a writer and friend who is worthy of self-love and love of those who really know me.  Donna Cunningham, astrologer and blogger; and friend who joined me on my on-line writers group for a time, has a fascinating and vigorous post on Saturn. The comments and dialogue are healthy and thoughtful. Here is the link for you to read yourself. At 70+ Donna's elderhood still glows with humor and grace. I love her for that light. I seek that out and blend it into my own recipe for metamorphosis. Right, if there's not a lot of energy to waste, choose wisely or wiser than before. Saturn is all about that.

What's your relationship with Saturn like?

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