Friday, June 14, 2013

A Spoonful of Magic

Have you a spoonful of magic? Everyone needs at least one spoonful a day, and maybe two, on days when you might not have a spoon left to hold the magic.

Perhaps, carrots might do for a dose of magic today ...

A spoonful of magic begins with carrots

It's one of those days when most of my spoons are dirty, need a bit of washing and I need a nice nap and a laugh. Don't need a spoonful of sugar though I maybe craving it out of habit. I am smiling at the dose of magic from The Safety Pin Cafe as I tweak and clean up story and the healing lessons from the characters. Link here to the original dose if that's your fancy. And, a treat ...The Safety Pin Cafe (in summer) thanks to artist Elizabeth Crabtree who has allowed me the use of her painting "Open Door Cafe" as the homepage for "The Pin." (see more of Elizabeth's work here).

Now, for that nap on an 'Ole Moon.

A hui hou.

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