Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Moon in Gemini, June 8, 2013

Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills 
the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness. -Rumi

The quote from Persian mystic and poet Rumi says it all for me. It's a beautiful day in my Pacific Northwest neighborhood, I'm excited to be alive and want to fill some cups, just like Rumi said. Timing is the secret to comedy, and the time seems right to spread the word and put the challenge out to my neighbors far and near. I'm hoping for viral.

The astrology prep work of the New Moon in Gemini from Elsa P. has me "brainstorming how to be effective" with the New Moon in Gemini conjuncting my natal Uranus.

Here's the back story ...

In 2000 I traveled to Hiroshima Japan to deliver 1,000 origami (Japanese paper folded) cranes to the Sadako Peace Park. My friends and I gathered at my home to fold paper cranes all year long; they folded cranes at work; they gave me cranes from their 1,000 wedding cranes. One of my friends who helped fold cranes was a flight attendant with Northwest Airlines she came through with a buddy pass. She and I made the trip and we were bumped into First Class to enjoy the trip.

Here's the thing that added sacredness to an already miraculous experience: a few days before we left I severely injured my lower back teaching yoga. There was a big lesson to learn with that, and I would learn it for years to come. See many someones filled my cup to get those cranes to the Sadako Peace Park. There was my ticket to Japan (first time in first class, first time Japan); then the heated massage pillow for easing the pain while I flew; the hospitality of the Japanese people, especially the owners of the Soba Shop who fed us wonderful noodles and had a secret oitment for my back.

Now, thirteen years later the injury to my back and the lesson about pushing from ego have mostly realigned me. I have had many people fill my cup since, and feel it is time to fold more paper. Maybe my current lesson is "Use it or lose it." Pass it on, pass it forward. Like attracts like. This time I would like to fold paper cups. A Thousand Paper Cups. Paper cranes are beautiful, but they're intricate to fold and honestly I have difficulty with them now. Paper Cups are breezy, easy and so cute!

Here's the challenge:
Would you like to join in, from where you are (any where you are!) and fold A Thousand Paper Cups?

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