Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Safety Pin Cafe is now open!

Regular readers of" Makua O'o" will know about the medicine story I wrote last winter called "The Safety Pin Cafe." New readers to this blog may be curious about the cafe tucked under the red awnings. Like a loved child the fairy tale and mythic story has grown, involved other artists and still continues to make magic. Today the tale and the new blog is open. I hope you come through the doors, enjoy your visit and come back often.

Welcome to The Safety Pin Cafe the cozy place where magic is common and continuous, the remedies unique, protocol practiced with care, and silliness easily available.

You will find a story here and characters familiar or strange. Language of birds and memories of ancient messages pin themselves into wishes, answers to prayers made and art yet to be fashioned. The Safety Pin Cafe is close, nearer than one could imagine and is open especially to those who straggle borders listening for the comfort of an empty cup needing filling.

A sample from the Menu

the medicine story

"Are you facile with magic in its many flavors, open-minded yet tethered to the illusive metaphors of a tale? A mostly unedited yet spirited version of myth will soothe and enliven you if you have a taste for story that is not dripping with sauce, and detail. This story is full of bones, so you are warned. On the other hand if you easily fill in empty space with your imagination this story will be sure to please."

Summer Solstice, Friday, June 21, 2013 is the perfect time to swing wide the doors of a mythic place for comfort.
The Safety Pin Cafe is now open.

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