Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hua ka'i, 'Eli'eli Kau Mai



Trip, voyage, mission; procession; to travel, parade.

'Eli'eli Kau Mai
"Whatever you dig deep ... and find ... is yours."- from an Interview with Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele about her book Ka Honua Ola

Nature in her many forms

Spiders hatching

All around us in the woods where we live spiders are hatching. The picture above is one that is similar to what Pete and I watched the other day. It was a breezy afternoon, makani olu a very pleasant breeze was present moving from left to right as we stood at the fence post leading into the orchard and my garden where a row of bean seeds are just warm enough to push their way out of the lepo and reach for the sun. We stood enjoying the succulent breeze. In front of us, so close one could have missed it a pod the color of baby poop started to move. Tiny movements. Many movements. One by one the tiny moving being broke from the pod of baby poop and with makani olu's help strands of spider web launched baby spiders out into the sky.

Fern unfurling 

We begin our fourth year of living on this land, this moku. Slowly and gratefully we make ourselves known to this island and this place surrounded by the Salish Sea and all the elements, gods, and protocols for life, here. The ferns that have grown up around us are nearly at their full and luscious height. They have unfurled. They are making their journey, they have sprung from roots planted deep in these forest floors. They show me through their example hua ka'i ... new beginnings, adventures just as the baby spiders journey into the unknown.


I've been listening to her since she was singing with Ike on vinyl records. She has sustained and she journeys from her Nut Bush City beginnings. Her music and her fame has launched her into the world as a celebrity the world knows. I will never know her to watch and become familiar with like I watch and become familiar with baby spiders or a neighborhood fern. But she is one of my species, and a woman and for that I can celebrate the possibility and the example. The interview with her was enjoyable and the conclusion very human. I connected on many levels and appreciated once more the awesomeness of YouTube.

Pua Kanahele is a contemporary of Tina Turner, they are probably the same age (78). Like Tina Turner Pualani Kanakaole Kanahele is a celebrity with a powerful voice. The title for this post and the inspiration to use these photos to enhance this post come from Pua. I have been studying her work, and appreciating the depth of her knowledge as I pursue my own practice as makua o'o elder in training. I learn something every time I listen to her, and look forward to reading her book Ka Honua Ola. 

Those baby spiders, the unfurled ferns,Tina Turner and Pualani Kanahele are inspirations for living passionately today. So glad to have another day to be surprised by the journey, and the discoveries. I am refreshed with these example. 

Dig deep, but don't plant today. It's Kane Moon.


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