Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Believe in Ke Akua, for this higher power makes all life possible … WE ARE NEVER ALONE

A winter shower of snow is falling as I sit to write late in the afternoon. The day has passed quickly and in such unencumbered fashion. Isn't it funny how familiar hard becomes, and than the moments and one entire day slips into easy and you notice.

A breath is taken more deeply, a whiff of something stinky clears more quickly. A power greater than my suffering eases me into the flow and I notice.

Small details, beautiful, small details and decisions were made easily today. Less thinking, intuition and guidance power me into ... the flow.

Miracle. Daily miracle.
One beautiful detail, a door knob with a pineapple on its face.

Miracle. Daily miracle.
Waking to snow here.
The sun, the vog
Warms the islands over there.
Miracle. Daily miracle.

Pete and I have muscled our way through so many difficult yesterdays. Struggle. Rebounds. Accepting the way life has shown up had something to do with the way we look at the world.
Knowing its more than that.

Today we were in the flow, the details, the miracles, the small and large adjustments to the way the vitamins and potassium relate in my sensitive body ... all create a daily miracle. We are living our life, more at peace with the flow.

We are not alone. Thanks.

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