Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING

Returning from a cycle of `Ole Days can be like stepping back into your skin after a vacation. Now depending on the sort of vacationer you are, the re-entry can be a relief or a regret. For me, the last cycle of three 'Ole Days were a time of reflection as they almost always are, and a time when the dream messengers give me their view of me. Any of our readers who have not followed us through the resting and weeding cycles of the moon ... the times we called 'Ole Days from the Hawaiian traditions of my mother's people, please link to the site of a wonderful Maui Island hunter-fisher family, to get an idea of how the moon cycle affects human activities.

This past long weekend I became aware of the shifting taking place within me. A new and improving level of physical health and spiritual connection has relaxed me. Discovering my blood pressure had risen to a level far above healthy for me, I was led to re-assess an old decision to refrain from taking prescription drugs. In years past, that choice was the right one for me. I slowly built a sense of balance and health that allowed me to stop taking a prescription for blood pressure medication. I monitored my blood pressure and slowly reduced the prescription until no medication was required to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Life proceeded. Change happened. Multiple chemical sensitivities increased the pressures in my life, and in my body. My attention was diverted for a time. The tide of change took me this way, and that one. Sense and sensibility (one of my favorite titles and stories ... thank-you Jane Austin) became as possible as balancing on sand at the full flood of an incoming high tide. Weeks ago, the ringing in my ears I wrote about, rang my bell of awareness. I became aware of something ... and then I began aware that I needed to soften again and consider where I needed to be open to different opinions. With my environmental doc's recommendation, I started taking a small dose of prescription medication for blood pressure.

This time it was time to change my opinion. I'm happy for the opportunity to open to a changing my opinion. My blood pressure is greatly improved, and I feel much gentler. In two weeks, I have reduced that prescription by 1/4 tablet, and still retain a healthy level. Though the exposures of chemicals continue, I notice the improved response I have to them ... my body and nervous system have a much better chance to be heard, in a language I can understand.

With less pressure from within my blood vessels, I would guess all my senses have a bit of a vacation and a well-deserved one for sure. It is often so difficult for human beings to accept, let alone embrace differences in opinions. Whether those opinions come from within or from OTHERS, I know that I am quick to tune-out opinions that clash with mine. When I am overwhelmed by LIFE in the main ... that is when I am already over-stimulated, any additional input sends me over the top. And then, sometimes, wisdom simply will wait, knock, and wait again until it is responded to.

I am thankful for the `ole days because I review a couple weeks worth of life lived. Ask guidance about the harmony of my choices, and answers come. Like weeding during an `ole day, I make room for some new to pop.

What's it like for you when a different opinion comes your way?

P.S. I've added a few new links to SITES OF LIGHT. A broader view of spiritual opinions.

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