Thursday, February 19, 2009

Question for clarity when making decisions … ASK

We have set a date for moving VARDOFORTWO. We're a month away and there's excitement in the air along with pollens as the trees begin their budding thing. In posts to come we will be asking our friends "Turtle" and "Pellet" about just how comfortable they are with becoming public ... part of the blogsphere. Our life as vardo builders was always contingent upon having folks who would willingly share their lives with us. Months ago "Turtle" and "Pellet" said "Yes." Kinda like marriage, or a promise to wed we have been getting to know each other in new ways. These friends have been in my life for more than thirty years. We met when we were young hippies, in a time when revolution was evolutionary ... we built businesses together, drank beer together, designed futures together, raised babies together. And now we contemplate and anticipate growing old together.

Over at VardoForTwo a commenter asked about our cooking arrangement once we are full-time vardo residents. "Will we build an outdoor room for cooking?" The answer is "no" we will share the large kitchen in "Turtle and Pellet's" woodsey home near Hood's Canal in Washington, and set up camp cooking in the woods near VARDOFORTWO. The specifics of our lives together with our old friends will evolve as we park ourselves on their acreage. We have laid preliminary groundwork for a shared life, and have one more visit-and-chat time scheduled two weeks before VardoForTwo is hitched to the flat bed truck we have reserved.

There are many, many questions to ask and answer, discuss and consider in any journey and if you are a partnered reader you know how relationships need nurturing to flourish. That is our fondest wish for our relationship with "Turtle and Pellet." That it will receive nurturing and flourish... It's a fine day to send that wish into the collective current of good. With every bit of star power and positivity that wish is made.

And so, it is. Love to the Turtle and Pellet ~ ~

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