Friday, February 6, 2009

Comments are enabled


We've enabled all comment links to posts here on Makua O`o. Pete and I are off on a fun adventure early Saturday morning.

Take care and have some fun today!

Cheers, Mokihana


  1. I really appreciate your sharing how spiritual practice can be strengthened in silence.
    It is especially true for me as I am insecure and prone to looking to others to help define my reality.

    I loved how you referred to yourself as a finely tuned instrument. It is so true and is such a gift. I like how you are honoring and respecting that gift in the way you are doing the comments here :-)
    For me, this is inspiring and such a great example of self-care and celebrating what you are as a gift!

    Thank you so much for your sharing this week and your dedication to post so regularly!

    Thank you also for adding my blog to your Sites of Light! Such a warm feeling that gave me - I feel honoured.)

    I hope you and Peter had a wonderful adventure!

    Blessings to you both,

  2. Hi Liberty,
    Many thanks for the wonderful commentary. Yes, this is a nice way for me to share my spiritual journey and it makes me smile to hear what it does to encourage you. It all comes around, and of course, you are a source of light for me and others.

    Pete and I are just back from a totally awesome, mixed up and fun day. We WENT BOWLING! How grand is THAT? I gotta tell you that is a miracle. Those young people affect us in such invigorating and positive ways. They simply BELIEVE WE ARE FUN ... and than, we are.

    Good night, Mokihana and Pete

  3. Bowling!!! That does sound totally grand! Please tell Pete I'm sorry for adding that 'r' onto the end of his name! Typo :)

  4. Liberty, Yup, totally, and today it's fun to just watch a movie and veg. And, that "r" sits on his birth certificate. ;)


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