Thursday, February 5, 2009

Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING

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I am introducing my infant soul to the MAGNIFICENT. At sixty-one in the body, my choices are as fresh and wide-spreading as those available to a baby because my soul has everything to experience. Perhaps, this elder in the making is getting a chance to raise a divine one ... right here, right now. WHY NOT!

Over on VARDOFORTWO two posts on MAGNIFICENCE give my soul delightful food:

First, the scrapbook of progress on our home-in-the-making says, "We love creating beautiful homes of comfort ... in all ways."

Second, another blogging sister, Liberty, has posted an article and link to one of my favorite Light Workers and Joy-Makers, a former clown (as am I) E F T Tapper Extraordinaire BRAD TAYLOR. Using the energy work of E F T, Brad's newest free TAP is "You are magnificent." It is perfectly fun and experiential ... you can listen, watch and do what Brad does. For some technical reason, which I have been unable to untangle so far, I cannot embed or open YOU TUBE posts ... If you're interested in adding to the inventory of collective magnificence you can link and go to Liberty's blog and be inspired there, too.

There are indeed many places to find wisdom and today I feel the benefit of having softened the ground of physical being. Gentled and appreciative of small and grand changes here in White Center, Washington I am experiencing the season of an up-coming Spring, again. I know that in Ke Akua's generous parenting memory the Creator has brought me back to a place I once thought "I'm pau with this ... been here, done that, out of here." That was a thought I had when I was a very hurt and discombuerated woman. The healing has taken place, the puka (holes) have filled in, nicely, hmmm... magnificently.

So many seeds to sow in a life-time of gardening. Start with that o`o (the digging tool) and loosen up the dirt.

Cheers, Mokihana

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