Monday, February 23, 2009

Feel the heartbeat of the culture … MAKE TIME FOR LOVE

Spring bulbs sprouting through last year's leaves.
A major worm on its way to the compost pile.
The beauty of a compost pile with patches of wheat grass and egg shells on top.

The sun is bright today, Spring seems to have a green light. Our compost heap has been perking through the ten months we've been here in Seattle. Heaped up with a layer of fallen Japanese maple leaves our food scraps break down with the help of the hard-working family worms. The birds love the compost pile, too. Perched on it from time to time, eyes alert and poised the early bird gets at least one of those worms.

Season's change happens to us as well. I feel the season change and recognize the complementary sense I have: soon we will be changing place and move on. After nearly ten months in The Kitchenette, we near the final steps to making the vardo our home. I have become attached to the regularity of this place with all its quirkiness and shortfalls, there is comfort in the familiar. Today I give thanks for the gifts of regularity that have aided us in our journey:

  • a bed to sleep on every night
  • a loving partner to lay beside
  • privacy when it is needed
  • strength from a Source greater than struggle
  • supportive friends and resources
  • restorative sleep to mend what can not be done awake
The compost pile reminds me to appreciate the process ... life changes, breaks down into littler bits and then becomes something richer for growing anew. Simple fare. Thank you compost pile and compost workers!

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