Thursday, February 26, 2009

Engage in good health practices … CARE

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Well, I gotta admit the weather is baffling me. Snowed last night. I appreciate the changes because there's always the chance something new will be 'better.' Or, maybe not. I glance over at "The Humor Stick" and read Swami Beyondananda's daily dose of humor. The universe being a "C grade" science project really shakes me up, laughing at myself. Is it okay to get "C's" in your world? Though I have no recollection of my GPA in high school, I do know that it was definitely more C's than the other letters at the beginning of the alphabet. Grades are a dangerous barometer for assessing worth in my opinion. There's all kinds of research and study that prove a narrow view of a student's prowess in the fundamentals of learning can put a crimp in the collective value of a tribe-country. We humans learn stuff in many ways ... and sit down and listen is probably the least effective, least fun way for most kids.

Looking back, I see the two styles of learning stuff in my family home: my brother the Sagittarius was athletic, charming, physical and adventurous. He did a lot. Classrooms weren't his best fit ... he still prefers being outside, and was a soldier who used all his "Sag" to make it out alive. Oh how I see his Value bright and clear from this point. And then me. I wished I were as popular and vigorous as my younger by two years brother. I was serious, funny when comfortable, quiet and observant, I thought a lot. Like most siblings the life we lived and the memories we have of the early years were different. "You thought that?" "I don't remember that?" I was a tough grader, and I remain a tough grader, it's not easy to win my trust. My brother and I are many years older and the thoughts we have about family life and learning seems to be more accepting and forgiving. Both of us have learned to understand ourselves by living life in our unique fashion. In some ways we have switched roles: I was the home-body until my early twenties, my brother rarely made appearances in the home during those days. I left home at twenty-five and have floated in and out every since.

Good for you isn't always good for me. Getting a "C" might be great for you, and not enough for me. In the long run it might be useful for all alphabets to be valued for there uniqueness and not there commonness. Let's see, if there weren't a lot of alphabets this post might read like ....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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