Friday, October 21, 2011

Crop rotation

I thought of Terri Windling on my way out the vardo door, and went to her blog to find her writing about "Writer's Block"  Among some writers' comments I found this one about "crop rotation" that really feels right for me.

Applied gardening.

Andrew Macrae: "This is what works for me: I practise crop rotation with my creative endeavours. I’ve found that when the nitrogen runs out in the soil in one field, it’s best to leave it fallow for a while and cultivate another. "
I feel that way.  Both my vegetable garden and my creative gardens are in need of crop rotation:  we won't plant beans or peas in the same place as this year's gardens though both crops were magnificent and abundant.  Other seed or a fallow plot.  Same with my writing.  From so many public blogs to blogging private, and picking up on writing that has been fallow for awhile.

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