Thursday, October 20, 2011

Targeting a Dream: Gupta on the Scorpio New Moon

Target Gupta Brain Re-training Program:  Wednesday, October 26, 2011

..." Be aware that Jupiter is exactly trine Pluto, energized by the new moon. People will make major investments under a sky like this, not just of their money but their energy in general which can take many forms. For example, one word from someone with a lot of power can change your life."
This is from Elsa, with the whole link and comments below.

"One word from someone with a lot of power can change your life."  I'm putting a lot of positive vibing with the Gupta program because I am making a change for the positive, incrementally and in leaps.  That's how I operate.  I know after lots of experience with it, that there are losses, lots of them in my life.  In one way or the other I've been working on trying to clean it up; believing I didn't do enough to clean it up; and take the spiritual highway and bi-pass to clean up what I really can.  12 Step Program has taught me to let go and let God; but the FOOTWORK, THAT is all mine.  Astrology has been awesome as a tool.  And timing is important for me.  Hina has helped by showing me through her phases.  I'm not always exactly on time, but then, I was premature, pulled out of the womb and all that.  So, with the "reality" of a life, this one, of surviving incredible losses, I step into the Abraham Groove and wait for my Gupta DVDs to show up.

Last night I had more Ma and clothes and closet and house dreams all wrapped into one night's dreamscape.  When I woke up I remembered nothing, but had a 'sick' feeling in my gut.  I stayed with it in the dark, and finally put my thumb into my mouth and sucked.  The suckling is helping me connect with feelings the way I did when I was a baby.  The baby who didn't get the suckling she needed.  It was the Ma dream, and have been the Ma dreams that give me more time with that Ma or another Ma.  The clothes, oh how I have loved clothes, and now have fewer of them; and a difficult, though doable process of getting them washed, dried and wearable.  Trying on lots of different outfits.  Saying to myself, "I didn't know I had these clothes.  Picking them up, and looking at what what coordinate with what.  (Oh how I have loved doing that!!) 

NO SPIRITUAL BY-PASSES!  That's part of the message.  Experience the material world, girl-woman:  it's a good place after all (of the losses).  But, I must physically experience the world.  MCS has done that, forcefully and very dramatically.  Now, I commit to the work of REGROOVING emotional experiences for a different physical world(mine).  The searching for a new place to live part of the dream with Pete and Ma in there somewhere, was again the compartments of my 'self' ... those HOUSE DREAMS.  This time, the two rooms with old carpet had me saying, "Old carpet.  I guess we could cover that up...(we've done it often in the past).  The old headboard and the closet of clothes ... not overly filled ... with men and women clothes. 

My North-South Node highway gives me messages that can help stay in a groove, and not in fantasy or spiritual escape.  The way home is to root, in a garden, in a real, safe, physical place.  The New Moon in Scorpio is a major positive time for investment and at least, a great time to plant a seed that will magnify my future IN A GOOD WAY. 

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