Monday, October 17, 2011

'Ole moons working

A pile-up of negative energy, born from 'reactions and reactivity'.  Off track. 'Ole moons had already begun. Pete said this morning, "You're always a day off."  Oh, well.  I've been hiding behind my Maui Jim dark sunglasses to help me get through the pre-migraine symptoms of flashes and super sensitivity to light.

I walked over to Mary's and asked for a Coke.  She offered me one from the frig or not.  I took the not-in-the frig one.  Caffeine helps migaines.  I had my first one last winter, and didn't have another migraine or approach to one until yesterday.  Over the top with trespasses to my boundaries,  I 'knew' something else was necessary.

Private journaling is helping.  Then, finding some tools to work myself free of the reactivity I found somethings that I've gadgetted as MY PRIVATE BOAT.  Thanks Donna and Kachina.  Old 'friends' from 2008, the return to your links is divinely timed.

'Ole Moons working.

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