Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling death, celebrating life

My family back on O'ahu prepares for a celebration of life.  Jas' the youngest daughter of my first cousin and his wife died from cancer earlier this month.  She was younger than my own son.  She (her ashes, I think) will be transported in a double hulled wa'a from Kaneohe to Lanikai, and many people are involved in her celebration.  Pete and I get the emails including us in the jobs, the map of events, the additional details of pregnancy, wedding, aging aunty, and progressive computer literacy.  Pete and I will drive north on this island and go to Libby Beach which faces west toward O'ahu and join in the celebration across the ocean ... same ocean, same family, different beach.  Wish we were in Lanikai tomorrow.  Won't be, were there, but here now feeling death, celebrating life.

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