Friday, October 7, 2011

Makua O'o will close

Aloha Readers,

As the new anahulu, Anahulu Poepoe begins with Hua Moon today, I prepare to close the pages of this blog. My journey of blogging has allowed me to understand what it takes to reassemble my life after the on-set of devasting illness.  I have shared the journey in many forms, and here on Makua O'o, my cultural connection to the Kanaka Universe has served as a tap root of sustenance.  Now, it is time for me to move on, close more doors on the past, and discover in private who it is I have become.

Makua O'o will be inaccessible when Hina becomes full(today is Huna, there are four full moons of Hina that begin with Hua.  CHECK THE SIDEBAR for a visual). If there are links to resources, found on the sidebar, that have been useful to you note them for your personal navigation. Makua O'o will be here for a couple days and nights, and then become part of history.  Life as an elder in training, is evolutionary, it is unique for everyone, and based on the 'wiring' with which we are born, playing out individually because humans are given free will. I will use the time of this Makahiki (October through December) to refuel my life, and attune to the nature of my new year approaching; and pray for guidance and right action.

Mahalo for visiting over the past three years. This has been a place of comfort and expression for me, and I hope there have been insights to fuel you as well.

Aloha and good journey,


  1. While I've only been a visitor (lurker) here over the past few months, I'm very sorry to hear this news. Your further study offerings always sounded so interesting to me, but time constraints kept me from committing to them. I think you're a great writer and a lovely soul, and I wish you the ABSOLUTE BEST on whatever path you follow heretofore. Mahalo ihi and aloha...

  2. Mahalo nui loa a pau, Tutu Dedi,
    I appreciate hearing that this blog and the thoughts expressed have been to your good. While I close these doors, I pray for Akua's guidance as the future is not ours to see. After Makahiki is pau, I hope the study of the Kanaka Universe can continue in some form. If you wish, my makahiki blog, Moon Light Lady may be of interest to you.

    Malama pono,


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